FreQ Nasty feat. Seraphim - High Horses feat. Seraphim (DJ Edit)

from by FreQ Nasty

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"High Horses feat Seraphim (DJ Edit)" is an Electro Dancehall banger built for peak time dance floor mayhem. Brooklyn MC Seraphim (of No Surrender) rides the riddum hard, spitting conscious lyrics that rail against the corporatization of rebellion, diamond- encrusted rappers with nothing to say, and apathetic hipster culture.

The #1 SKANKA EP comes out May 29th through all Digital Media outlets.

Album Artwork by Jonathan Solter


you see dem rebel riding high horses
renegade trod pon den high horses
we nah deal with no negative forces
rebel trod pin dem high horses

Rebel in your yard hand full of bad card
jump and him start spark
push up your lighter

then just roll back baby
they say the 'Phim is crazy
hey yo don't let 'em take me
lead this tiger home
won't be no misbehaving
unless we get to playing
rolling old school tunnel palladium

this is rebel hop love help a rebel out
rock me 'til the very 'ery last drop

cool me down love
they got me in the boiler
whole world turn police and soldier

diamond crusted heathens
you know the children see 'em
so they want to be 'em
no parents to lead 'em

when you speak truth
dem wan come hold ya
better send for the money and the lawyer

this is witching season
they out like every evening
the rebels try to heal them
keep the peace increasing


times den turn hard
government a pure fraud
youth 'dem wan charge
live wire

now just dip back baby
only your touch can save me
tired of all the maybes
travel down my road

you see them rebel and them riding them horses
them want clash with the king and him forces
gimme all you got rebel run the whole spot
this anthem 'gon take 'em to the very top

hold me down love they have me in the boiler
whole world fighting 'gainst mother nature

This rebel's from eden
you know you wanna be him
drumming sounds of freedom
even the blind see him

when you speak loud the wicked wan' hate ya
who feel it know it sooner or later


from #1 SKANKA EP (​+​Wallpapers of Artwork), released October 1, 2013
Music written produced and mixed by FreQ Nasty
Vocals written and performed by Seraphim



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FreQ Nasty Los Angeles, California

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